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[Work Space] Glad I Bumped into You . . . .


Little things count; they frequently count very big. A recent post spoke to the smarts behind picking the right time zones for multiple locations that optimize work. This post extends that thought to how workplace shapes individual and organizational performance. While the Yahoo (and to degree, HP) move to eliminate telecommuting by remote workers was […]

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What Happens When the New Boss F**ks Up?

It happens. The new senior hire (formerly called a senior suit in the days when the males who mostly occupied those roles actually wore matching jackets and pants) is keen to make their mark at the new place so they make changes. Often big ones. Sometimes those changes work, and sometimes they bomb. New CEO […]

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Should You Take the Interim Role? The Other Shoe Drops

English: Diagram showing the parts of a shoe.

Interim roles frequently have hair on them. They are imperfect jobs where you toil in a state of “pretend”  for those who hope temporary will become the “real” job. Last week’s post Career Quandry: Should You Take the “Interim” Job surveyed the landscape of people taking interim roles when their boss vacates his/her role. Inspiration for […]

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