The Little Book of Talent: What Should You Look for in a Coach?

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Executive, career, and team coaches come in all flavors. How do you know who you should hire?

Daniel Coyle, author of the best seller The Talent Code, has a new book out, The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills.

Read it.

Coyle’s work has lots of great, research-based ideas on boosting talent, and even picking a coach to help you get where you want to go.

And what does Coyle suggest you  look for in a coach? Here are his 5 tips:

  • “Avoid someone who reminds you of a courteous waiter.” While polite is OK, effective is what you’re paying for. Their job is not to make you feel nice; you hire a coach to help you improve and have that improvement stick.
  • “Seek someone who scares you a little.”  Look for teachers and coaches who “watch you closely,” are “action-oriented,” and are truthful, “sometimes unnervingly so.”
  • “Seek someone how loves teaching [you] fundamentals.” Coaching is about getting your game up several notches; theory might be nice but the “what” and “how to” is critical.
  • “Other things being equal, pick the older person.” Experience, and a broad data set of what works and what doesn’t, counts.

Coyle’s ideas on ways for you to be a better teacher or coach?

  • “Use the first few seconds to connect on an emotional level.
  • Avoid giving long speeches – instead deliver vivid chunks of information.
  • Be allergic to mushy language (e.g. be precise, direct and specific).
  • Make a scorecard for learning.
  • Maximize reachfulness (e.g. stretch and practice).”

Good, helpful book, great research that underpins it, and terrific ideas delivered in a straightforward easy to use and digest manner.

Buy the book: it’s a great investment and you – or the folks you teach or coach – deserve it.

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