[Through the Glass Door] Layoffs at McKesson?

One of the things blogging from this side of the computer gives you is a small window into what’s happening for people via the Web.

From some simple analytics from WordPress and Google, you can find out the referring sites that people link from to get to this website, the words people use in search engines to visit, and even the places from which their computer is logged on (3 visitors from Boise, 2 visitors from Budapest, none from Bangor).

Oddly one of three phrases that people keep plugging in – now eight 12 21 days straight – is the phrase "McKesson layoffs." [Update 5/26/2009: 50 67 77 109 135 people have searched under some variation of that phrase that have landed at this blog. I have no idea what’s going on, but clearly someone(s) is looking for something – and keeps on looking.]

While I worked at McKesson for over a decade, and headed up the Human Resources function for the company’s large pharmaceutical distribution business, I have never blogged about layoffs at the company.

The first part of the year, prior to the close of the fiscal year on March 31st, was frequently the time of year when reorganizations and restructurings were announced – sort of a clean-up before the new fiscal year started on April 1.

But layoffs at McKesson – who knows?