[Tips for Teams & Talent] What’s “Glee” Got to Do With It?

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Glee, the Fox TV show in its first season that just garnered a Golden Globe for best comedy television series, has something for everybody: jocks, nerds, deceivers, beauty queens, and true believers.

The regular glee, a choir activity in which people both sing and dance – like the TV show – provides a great illustration of what makes good groups click, and bad groups stumble.

  • Star power may get you noticed, but it’s not enough to win: character Rachel Berry, so star obsessed that she adds one to her autograph, has a voice that soars beyond any others but she learns that it’s only working well within the framework of the group that brings you success. Think Kobe Bryant with smarts.
  • A good team leverages its “weak link”: since glee is a group activity, there is no easy place for people who can’t perform to hide. And while having a paraplegic in a dance group may seem like a disadvantage, the show demonstrates how what seems to be a liability can become an asset if you understand how to leverage it.
  • Good teams practice, practice, and practice together: the Anders Ericsson 10,000 hour rule doesn’t just apply to solo efforts, it applies to time spent teaming together. Good teams work on being a team: teams that are ad hoc and thrown together aren’t as successful.

  • Winning teamwork requires give and take: Finn Hudson, the high quarterback and jock, learns that he has to balance his dreams and expectations to be successful with the context of a team.

  • Resilience counts: when Sue Sylvester, the scheming coach of the cheerleading squad the Cheerios, gives away the song routines of the Glee club to their competition, the club has to quickly rethink their performance. Because they have the ability to bounce back rather than dwell in misfortune, the club is able to pull together a winning performance.

The first 13 episodes of Glee are available on DVD, and the series returns for 9 more new episodes on April 13th. There are life’s lessons just about anywhere – this one just happens to be fun.