[Life Back West] April 2014 – Riding Up Front?


When you’re a kid in a car culture like the USA, a major life milestone is the time when you get to ride up front.

It’s not exactly adulthood, but looks like the same neighborhood; out of the back seat, associated with kiddie car seats and “baby” status, and into a view from the front like the big guys.

While some adults learn that riding in back – think limos and Uber – is the status spot – getting a pass to the front works the same for most everything else.

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Do You Have the Right Stuff?


It happens. You find what you think is the perfect co-founder, core team, spouse, or even executive coach and they say, “I may not be right for you.” Successful match-making is part timing, part skills, experience and interests, and part karma. The fact of that matter is that great combinations don’t just happen, they take […]

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[Life Back West] March 2014 – The Six O’Clock Club


Ask any priest, competitive athlete like Michael Jordan, or experienced traveler. Rituals done with intent bring meaning to life. They also work, doing things like boosting performance and making things go better. Francesca Gino and Michael I. Norton noted in Scientific American that “investigations by psychologists have revealed intriguing new results demonstrating that rituals can have […]

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Booking photo of Parks

“Conviction is worthless unless it’s converted into conduct.” Thomas Carlyle Booking photo of Parks. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

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How to Win

Barbara Jordan, member of the U.S. House of Re...

“If you’re going to play the game properly, you’d better know every rule.” Barbara Jordan Barbara Jordan, member of the U.S. House of Representatives (D-Texas). Photo credit: Wikipedia

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The Hiring Interview: Beware the Boast or You’ll Be Toast!

Toast, toasted

We’re all aware that we live in a land of chronic spin. Things aren’t just good, they’re “terrific.” When it comes to hiring, it always pays to hire the person who will perform in the job, not the best boaster. Here’s how: Hiring candidates that perform, research at Google has reaffirmed, is best done through […]

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