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Promotion? “You’re Not One of Us”

Nationalism and native land

It’s a story that’s still too common; star performer is passed over for the plumb job because they “just don’t quite fit in.” The reason? “They aren’t one of us. They just don’t understand (fill in the blank) our culture / the way we do things / our heritage.” Generally the performer leaves, takes another […]

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Sorry? Say So Effectively!

Sorry button

Last Friday the 13th (somehow fitting) was “sorry” day at  Back West’s world headquarters; three occasions that someone said to me “I’m sorry.” How effectively those apologies were tells you the things that make a sorry work, and how saying you’re sorry can also make the situation even worse. Here’s the three: Stephanie Smith, the […]

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Barclays Exec Bonuses: When the Sh*t Hits the Fan


It’s not often that I get tracked down by a reporter; today was an exception. The UK press is in an uproar over the news that the top five managers at Barclays were paid £110m in bonuses (about US$178M). One enterprising reporter, Tom Leonard from the UK Daily Mail, tracked me down, knowing that I had […]

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