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Sorry? Say So Effectively!

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Last Friday the 13th (somehow fitting) was “sorry” day at  Back West’s world headquarters; three occasions that someone said to me “I’m sorry.” How effectively those apologies were tells you the things that make a sorry work, and how saying you’re sorry can also make the situation even worse. Here’s the three: Stephanie Smith, the […]

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Barclays Exec Bonuses: When the Sh*t Hits the Fan


It’s not often that I get tracked down by a reporter; today was an exception. The UK press is in an uproar over the news that the top five managers at Barclays were paid £110m in bonuses (about US$178M). One enterprising reporter, Tom Leonard from the UK Daily Mail, tracked me down, knowing that I had […]

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[Life Back West] July 2010 – “Risky Business”

, as well as participate in my learning community courtesy of KnowledgeCrush.

Life is full of risks, and as a subset, business and the managing of organizations is perhaps even riskier. Managing those risks better is what separates proverbial losers from winners. “Risk taking,” football player Jim McMahon once noted, “is inherently failure-prone. Otherwise it would be sure-thing-taking.” That hot product that sold like wildfire last month […]

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[Sounds of Silence] What Do You Do When No One Says a Word?

We’ve all been there: chairs are out, snack food is plated, some – or no – people show up, and after your presentation you’re greeted by the sounds of silence. Such was the case with my first gratis (read “no fee” aka “free” ) master executive coaching session hosted by professional development web portal and […]

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Little Things Count Big in Your Career: How to Stay in Touch

Many times the most important things to do with managing your career are the easiest and the simplest: it just takes a little thought, a little planning, and a little discipline. More often than not it’s these small things that make big differences in who succeeds, and who struggles in the long run. Today I […]

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[Coaching] 2 Ways to Increase Your Effectiveness: Two Sides, Same Coin

The challenge for most of us is to do more with less: less time, fewer resources, and do it more efficiency and effectively. Sounds like a tall order but grabbing a moment to pause, think, and then act will frequently help you do all three. Pulling rabbits out of hats? Nope. Just performance basics that […]

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[Dept. of Bad Advice] How You Can Interview Well. . .

Cover of "Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas S...

. . . and Disregard Dan and Chip Heath’s How-to-Interview Recommendations I think Made to Stick by Dan and Chip Heath is a really good book. Most of the Heath brother’s content is great, both in their book, as well as in their monthly column for Fast Company. But even Babe Ruth stuck out, and […]

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[Through the Glass Door] BGI: Discarding the Emperor’s New Clothes

Merger integration activities are in full swing in a least two (three if you count Oracle and Sun) places this month. Company watchers in financial services and biotech / pharma will be able to see first hand in the next year how skillful acquirers BlackRock (acquirer of San Francisco-headquartered Barclays Global Investors aka BGI) and […]

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[Managing Your Career] Is Someone on Facebook / LinkedIn Stalking You?

Help! I think I’m being stalked. Not the case of “someone’s watching you at home, better protect your family” sort of way, but being followed, and for five months no less. And funny thing is my bet is that the would-be stalkers – G.J. King and Darek DeFreece – don’t even know they’re stalking me. […]

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