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[Life Back West] Early Autumn 2014 – The Big Reset

English: Value function in Prospect Theory, dr...

We might sell our Dolores Park area home, a house we’ve lived in for 20 years. But then again, if the price isn’t right, we might not. We might pare down early – accelerating a plan 10 years out – and buy a place in Stanley Saitowitz’ minimalistic 8 Octavia in Hayes Valley. But then again, if […]

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What’s in Your Drinking Water?

Out of fog Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge a...

A new cost of living index for 195 worldwide cities was recently published. If you’re living in San Francisco, only New York City is more expensive in North America – and the City by the Bay is the 9th most expensive worldwide. Data is here. Places like Kansas City, St. Louis, Nashville, Orlando, Salt Lake City and Austin […]

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Dare to Be the Nail that Gets Hammered?

k-spsh-nl) adjective

Ex·cep·tion·al (k-spsh-nl) adjective 1. Being an exception; uncommon.   The Japanese have a proverb: “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.“ That saying applies in most parts of the United States as well. “Be different” and suffer the consequences. Unless you’ve got sufficient leverage through power, position, or extraordinary credibility, when someone proposes something different – risk taking or […]

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[Life Back West] December 2013 – What Would Agnes Do?

Italianate Victorian Painted Lady in San Franc...Over 70, she summoned me from across Liberty Street with a wave of her hand as I wondered what a stranger was doing motioning to me. Newly moved from Chicago, it was definitely not something that would happen in the Windy City unless the person was psychotic.

She has been dead for over a decade and I still remember the first time we met as if it was yesterday. Over 70, she summoned me from across Liberty Street with a wave of her hand as I wondered what a stranger was doing motioning to me. Newly moved from Chicago, it was definitely […]

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[Life Back West] January 2013 – “Culture Bus”

Google Bus in NOPA

Sometimes you leave your full self – the kind of self that people who know you well and live with or around you see all the time – behind when you go off to work or school. Sometimes, though, you get to bring not only that full self, but folks from neighborhood that go along […]

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[Life Back West] July 2012 – “Misfit Toys”

Avengers (comics)

If you live in a certain City by the bay, sooner or later little surprises you. Annoy you? Yes. Delight you? Often. Alarm, disappoint, thrill, and endear? Always. It’s those differences that make the place so special. Take away those difference and ultimately it leads to one destination; the land of boring, common, even mediocre. […]

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[Life Back West] June 2012 – “Perfect”

English: Baker Beach and Golden Gate Bridge

Indian grandmothers, perhaps the same ones that shared my Cathay Pacific red-eye from Hong Kong earlier that day, dotted the crowd helping out with their grandkids. Rachel Herbert, successful entrepreneur and owner of three hit restaurants (all three parks + dogs with Dolores Park Cafe, Duboce Park Cafe, and Precita Park Cafe) was doing her part collecting […]

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LGBT or LGBTQ? Words Matter. So Do Letters.

Eight-striped rainbow flag. Drawn by Fibonacci.

An Open Letter June 19, 2012   Patrick Bassett President, National Association of Independent Schools 1129 20th Street NW, Suite 800 Washington DC 22036   Dear Mr. Bassett, My son’s K-8 independent school in the San Francisco Bay area recently participated in the NAIS supported AIM (Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism) survey earlier this January. While […]

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What Do You Do When the Company Recruiting You (e.g. Square) Gets Dissed?

Go, Dog. Go!

It’s a veritable dog pile of recruiting bad press for a startup called Square that’s based in San Francisco. Despite innovative technology that lets you handle mobile transactions with an iPhone, reviews on the digerati site Quora have been toasty. Consider the following comments in answer to the question on Quora “How much did [a […]

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Force of Habit: Party of Firsts

Smith-Wallis Clan

Many people are trailblazers. In a world where models really count, they (and you) forge a path for others to follow. Sometimes you know you’re doing it. Sometimes, though, you don’t. The trailblazers I know look a lot like the ones you know. There is the female scientist (from a family where it was questioned why […]

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