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[Early Spring 2015] The Envelope, Please

It’s a time of year when even the most distant observer notes that winners are separated from something referred to as losers. Who you are can be confused with what you’ve won (lately). College bowl games, Super Bowl, Golden Globe, Writers Guild of America, Grammys, Oscars – all proclaiming who is/was hot, and maybe by inference, who […]

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Raise Your Hand. Take Blame. Fast!


The difference? The difference was between an OK bonus that the senior manager would receive and the really nice bonus  they wouldn’t receive was one word: responsibility. The recipient, my client explained, shirked from responsibility. When something went wrong, it was usually someone else’s fault. When it came time to put a stake in the ground, they […]

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Pick Up the Phone. Call.

"Kellogg" brand "candle stick&q...

It’s easy to do in our digital world; send the email or text, respond via text or email back and forth and before you know it the thread has 7 or 8 back and forths. Do something different; pick up the phone and call. Or do what I do – send a note to ask […]

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Did You Leave Fingerprints?

English: Fingerprint

Glenn Murphy resigned his CEO role with Gap, Inc. effective February 1, 2015. While I don’t know Murphy, I do know one thing about his 8-year stint at the Gap: Murphy left “fingerprints.” Murphy was brought at a time when Gap was generally described as “adrift” and “without focus.” While financial results were mixed during his […]

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[Life Back West] Autumn 2014 – Meet You at the Quad?

English: Quad at Willamette University

It’s a familiar refrain on many a college campus and more than just a few companies: “meet you at the Quad?” A line tagged to a place and a time, it routes you to the familiar where you can bank on connecting with the right people at interesting times. It’s also the place where more often than not serendipity […]

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Words versus Deeds

“The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.” – John Burroughs #471126345 / gettyimages.com      

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[Life Back West] Early Autumn 2014 – The Big Reset

English: Value function in Prospect Theory, dr...

We might sell our Dolores Park area home, a house we’ve lived in for 20 years. But then again, if the price isn’t right, we might not. We might pare down early – accelerating a plan 10 years out – and buy a place in Stanley Saitowitz’ minimalistic 8 Octavia in Hayes Valley. But then again, if […]

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The Colleague: “Eeyore”

Eeyore as depicted by Disney

While not abundant, you can spot them everywhere. They are the sorts of colleagues who turn a ray of sunshine into a warning about skin cancer. In a world of glass half-full or glass half-empty, they manage to always find the latter. It’s as if the coin flip for heads or tails always landed on one […]

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Stay or Jump? The New Boss

My Boss My Hero

  The all-day meeting with the exec staff ended up focused on one point: “What should we tell the new CEO?” Hunch is everyone wants to do well with the new boss. While there is the occasional new CEO that parachutes in, the rumor mill or extensive interview vetting usually gives you an idea who the new […]

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[Use with Caution] “Some of Us Were Talking…”


There are phrases that bring out smiles and there are strings of words that generate frowns. Here’s one that can do both: “Some of us were talking…” Like other “traffic signal” words and phrases – things like “but” as in “You’ll like it but it might be bumpy” or “just” as in “He’s just another […]

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