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One (More) Headhunter “Secret”: “See Me”

An Ifugao warrior with some of his trophies; I...

There are “secrets” in the executive search trade that anyone who hopes to be headhunted (or hire a headhunter to fill an opening) should know. A set of 10 tips are here; another 7 more are here. Here’s an 18th tip: what you do in the search process can stick with you for a lifetime. While the […]

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A Reader Asks: Don’t Take the Counter Offer?


Dear Back West: “What if you interviewed for multiple jobs, accepted one and 3 weeks later got a second offer for a bigger company with more $.  You told your new boss–he did not offer more money and I did not ask (hinted)–but asked about longer term.  The boss was a bit stoic only repeating […]

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Job Hunting? Avoid that Job Title (Unless It’s a Really Good One)


The prospective client I met yesterday had a great set of skills, and an accomplished career. The problem? Their type of job – and many of the ones like it – were going away as the industry contracted. If you hang your hat on your job title, there’s not much left to hold on to when […]

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What’s the Secret to Being the “Right Candidate for the Job?”

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It can be tough being a candidate, whether it be for a job or even one of those roles of a more public political variety. Even if you’re seen as a slam dunk pick  (think Hillary Clinton as the “inevitable choice” during the 2008 presidential campaign), things derail. The same is true of job candidates. A client […]

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The Perfect First “Real” Job?

Skills Like This

Is there a perfect first “real” job? Probably not. But there are some real stinkers to avoid if you have the choice. And I’m not talking about summer jobs, volunteer work, and or that paid – or unpaid internship – that might be out there. All of them, IMHO, are important. But for serious importance […]

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Are the End of Year Holidays Good for Job Hunting?

Nothing Like the Holidays

It’s the end of the year, and common wisdom says that people have packed up shop and that it’s a lousy week for job hunting. Maybe. But as John Greathouse notes on his blog, “Conventional wisdom isn’t.” The next two weeks will be a time when people’s schedules – if they’re not in company shutdown […]

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When Do You Recommend with Reservations?


The email from the prospective applicant family asked my thoughts regarding my son’s grade school. It could have just as easily been about a place to work or somebody referencing an employee. It brought to mind a simple question. When do you shift from “highly recommend” to a more nuanced “recommend with reservations?” Just as the […]

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Hiring Season: Can I Be Asked If I’m a Gamer?


Yes. No. Maybe? You can tell when the economy’s improved because there’s an uptick of interviews. More experienced managers revisit what they’ve done before that’s worked well when hiring and novice supervisors surface this season’s new crop of oddball, silly questions. “Can I be asked if I’m a gamer?” will likely be one of the […]

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