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[CFO Job Hunters Version] What Do Employers Really Want?

Advertisement from the Boston Directory, 1851

One mystery for more senior job hunters is the  question of “What do employers really want?” in terms of backgrounds, skill sets and experience. Thanks to one executive search person you can get one good answer – particularly if you’re looking fill a Chief Financial Officer role. Karen Quint of Spencer Stuart addressed the San […]

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[Coaching Tips] It’s the New Year: Now What?

Like sprinters accelerating after the blast of a starter’s gun, this week marks for some a rush to get things going toward a new job, a new employer, and/or a new career. The New York Times, for example, has a piece yesterday called Getting Back in Shape for the Job Chase. There is a reason […]

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[Ways to Say Thanks] “Great Articles”

There are a number of benefits from working with individuals as an executive coach, and working with start-up and leadership teams as a team coach. Some of them are financial, and some of them are pride in accomplishment.  Some of the benefits are the unexpected thank you’s that make you smile from the inside. Here’s […]

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7 (More) Secrets Headhunters Usually Don’t Tell You

Top Secret!

Like thousands of others, you probably have already read “Ten Secrets Headhunters (Usually) Don’t Tell You” ( here ) which covered the in and outs of working with headhunters. (Readers can go also through the full basics of job-hunting by reading the “Choose Me, Hire Me” series which starts here .) But while headhunters can be helpful […]

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What Should You Do WHEN the Headhunter Calls?

An Olivetti rotary dial telephone, c.1940s

The call on the line is from a headhunter: now what? Richard Nelson Bolles has noted that the best proven job hunting method is when a job hunter takes time to sit down and do some really good work on figuring out who they are and what they have to offer. And working your personal […]

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Time To Be Greedy: Your “Brand”

By doing a bit of prep work now you will save work and time for later when you will have little of the latter (time), and too much of the former (work). For companies, since most firms will be hanging back, still fearful of a deeper slide to come, you can practice the art of first advantage and be – as Warren Buffet might suggest – a little greedy .

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[Choose Me, Hire Me!] Networking for CEO’s?

What struck me in the article is the dread Mr. Sam approached networking, even with people with whom he had worked. As I’ve posted before in the nine-part series “Choose Me, Hire Me!” on this blog, developing AND maintaining an active network, apart from doing great work in your job, is likely the most important thing you can do to sustain your career.

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