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[Life Back West] June 2013 – “Judgement Day”

Supreme Court of the United States Seal

It’s judgement day for the Smith-Wallis household. Bad news, good news? We’ve got the company of the estimated 17,999 other households in California impacted by the US Supreme Court’s rendering of a Proposition 8 decision next week. Millions of us inside and outside of California are affected by the companion Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) ruling […]

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Can the “Queen Bee” be a “He?”

Bracknell Queen Bees

There’s a good article in the Wall Street Journal – The Tyranny About the Queen Bee –  about women who reach senior positions in organizations and turn out to be worse at mentoring and supporting women than their male counterparts. Why?  A variety of reasons but among them are to show that they’re tougher than anyone else and […]

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Promotion? “You’re Not One of Us”

Nationalism and native land

It’s a story that’s still too common; star performer is passed over for the plumb job because they “just don’t quite fit in.” The reason? “They aren’t one of us. They just don’t understand (fill in the blank) our culture / the way we do things / our heritage.” Generally the performer leaves, takes another […]

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