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Are You Interviewing the Candidate or Just Checking Their Pulse?


The interviewer with a candidate at the Starbucks in Hong Kong Central seemed nice, bright and engaging. She was, unfortunately, conducting a train wreck of an interview in front of me; when she asked early on, “You’re not a micromanager, are you?” I thought she was a goner. When the candidate smiled, said “Of course […]

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[I’m Number 2?] When Being the Runner-Up is Better Than Winning

Politics aside, are there times when not getting the job – but making an otherwise strong showing –  is the better result for you and your career? After all, isn’t work and life really as Henry “Red” Sanders (and later Vince Lombardi) observed, “Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing“. Maybe. And maybe not. Here’s […]

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Before You Accept that Job Offer: 3 Key Questions to Answer?

P question

It’s a pretty typical interview process. You’ve met with a recruiter and the hiring manager. Now you fly in the night before and meet a bunch of people in a series of individual and group interviews that will last the entire next day. You fly home that night. They love you and have offered you […]

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The Trouble with Recruiters

English: The Mad Hatter, illustration by John ...

There is trouble in recruiter-land. Talk to any in-house recruiter and they know it. Talk to any job candidate and they suspect it. Heck, as someone who has run small, medium, and large size talent acquisition operations I even know it. You probably do too. So what’s going on? Back in the pre-online application days, […]

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(Almost) Never Take the Counter Offer

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The question from a Quora post was not-so-unusual,   “I am working for a company from last 8 months. I resigned there because i was getting better offer in terms of money anywhere else. My present employer counter offered same salary. Work wise both companies are same. Will things change if i stay in my […]

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Your Career: When the “Sure Thing” Isn’t

Sunrise First Light, Last Lights

Sometimes the job you’ve been promised won’t be there; sometimes the job you think you’ve lost may return. So how do you know if it’s a sure thing? You won’t. Learn why the “sure thing” today is likely the maybe thing tomorrow, and what you can do to make yourself better prepared when that sure-thing-to-make-or-nothing […]

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[The Talent Game] Coffee with Amy

A photo of a cup of coffee.

It’s great when good people do well. It’s even better when good people, talented people navigate a career bump or two and end up in a better role with a better boss and culture than they left behind. Someone I’ll call “Amy” is one of those people. I know her through community work we’d done […]

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When Did SM – Social Media – Turn into Slimy Media?

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Caveat Emptor – something Stephen Colbert translates as tuff tittie – should be the motto for any buyer. Looks like it should be the same for any job hunter using social media to find their next gig. While many a job hunter has seen the Craiglist Scam Alert  (“affiliate scammers are posting bogus ads promising (nonexistent!) employment, […]

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When is the Best Time to Build Your Professional Network?

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My colleague John Rehm – fresh from a tour of duty in Asia with IDEO leading innovation projects – flagged a post at HBR.com by Campbell Soup Company CEO and President Doug Conant titled Five Steps to Building Your Network. If you’ve read Conant’s book with Nette Norgaard,  Touchpoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the […]

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