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Job Hunting? Avoid that Job Title (Unless It’s a Really Good One)


The prospective client I met yesterday had a great set of skills, and an accomplished career. The problem? Their type of job – and many of the ones like it – were going away as the industry contracted. If you hang your hat on your job title, there’s not much left to hold on to when […]

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The Leadership Team: “You Can’t Hurry Love”


The request came from a client whose leadership team I had worked with this June; the team had a consultant come in earlier and diagnosed them as dysfunctional. What to do about that dysfunction? That wasn’t part of the program. The work the team had done with me followed the Road Trip model, and predictably some […]

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One Simple Key to Success? Show Up – Here’s How

Woody Allen in concert in New York City.

There are the hard things to do to be successful in careers and business, and then there are the easy ones that get you along the way as well. This post is about on the easy ones. But first an intro story. My week last week was probably like yours; lost of stuff to do, […]

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Different Rules for Different Employees? Expect Different Behaviors

George Washington

In the land (perhaps) of no surprises, it turns out the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has one set of ethics guidelines for rank and file and a different set for the 24 executive directors who oversee the organization. As in the rules for the rank and file don’t apply to the senior execs. If the […]

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You’re the Boss: “When It’s Nobody’s Business!”

Steve Jobs presenting the iPhone 4 in San Fran...

It’s not about having the $500,000 credit line at Tiffany’s, or having your $43 million divorce news splashed across the tabloids. And it’s certainly not about the CEO of the year being busted in a child prostitution sting. But what do you do – as I coached a startup CEO yesterday – when something personal […]

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Tips for Execs: A Drive By is Not a Check-In

Traylor and me

I’m having lunch and a close-out conversation with an exec coaching client in Silicon Valley today. She has made obtained great results with small changes; her boss thinks she’s doing great and frankly so do I. And she’s got a lesson or two that you can use. One of the things she’s done is slowed […]

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Life & Death Lessons for Startups

Diagram of the typical financing cycle for a s...

There are lessons that some startups learn after they’ve crashed, and mistakes that successful startups either learn early or avoid making. If you want to be successful as a startup, learn these lessons early – or be very lucky and avoid them. Lunch yesterday with my friend and colleague Dr. Jo Whitehouse – a rockstar in the […]

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Tips for Getting New Business: Can You Hurry Love?

Supremes, The - You Can't Hurry Love - D - 1966

Over hot chocolate (Peet’s non-fat, no whipped cream) this week, the search headhunter – newer to that side of the desk after running executive recruiting for one the nation’s blue chip companies on the other side of the proverbial desk  –  asked the awkward question. His candidate search work for engagements had been outstanding; his […]

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Tips for CEOs & Company Founders: How to Build Your “A” Team

Recreaction of intertitle from The A-Team base...

There are a number of formulas for success for building “can’t miss” start-up and founding teams. Here’s one that actually works. A disclaimer first; depending on your business you’ll need to have reasonable domain expertise. If you’re in the internet networking space, you need to have people on your founding team that have the technical […]

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