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Mostly in the Wording: When Would You Like Me to Start?

I had coffee with a colleague I’ll call Andy; he’s got a problem. You might have the same problem too. Subject? How to (finally) get an offer from a firm that’s been courting him for  10 months. Position scope change, multiple lunches and interviews, headcount freezes and freeze liftings have all come and gone without […]

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How to Juggle Multiple Job Offers: “Jessica’s Dilemma”

The current job market is generally a seller’s market: qualified applicants significantly outnumber available openings. Unlike the early part of the decade – a buyer’s market – it means that employers can be (and usually are) very selective in whom they hire, and buyers – job applicants – don’t have the ability to be very highly […]

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[Ways to Say Thanks] “Great Articles”

There are a number of benefits from working with individuals as an executive coach, and working with start-up and leadership teams as a team coach. Some of them are financial, and some of them are pride in accomplishment.  Some of the benefits are the unexpected thank you’s that make you smile from the inside. Here’s […]

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[Dept. of Bad Advice] How You Can Interview Well. . .

Cover of "Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas S...

. . . and Disregard Dan and Chip Heath’s How-to-Interview Recommendations I think Made to Stick by Dan and Chip Heath is a really good book. Most of the Heath brother’s content is great, both in their book, as well as in their monthly column for Fast Company. But even Babe Ruth stuck out, and […]

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[Career Coaching Tips] Your Job: Leave or Stay?

Signs of a slow recovery abound which should mean that some form of job uptick will occur. While it’s pretty clear that a rising economic tide will not lift all ships – some jobs, for example, are likely lost forever – the 18-month logjam in the job market appears to be breaking up. The question […]

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[How to Fire Someone] 5 Ways You Can “Hire Wrong”

Like the obese man who can’t understand how he’s gaining weight as he grabs a diet Coke to go with his triple Big Mac and large fries, one of the easiest ways to fire someone – like dieting incorrectly – is to hire wrong: right person hired into the wrong culture, wrong role, wrong supervisor, […]

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What Should You Do WHEN the Headhunter Calls?

An Olivetti rotary dial telephone, c.1940s

The call on the line is from a headhunter: now what? Richard Nelson Bolles has noted that the best proven job hunting method is when a job hunter takes time to sit down and do some really good work on figuring out who they are and what they have to offer. And working your personal […]

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[New Rules] The Name Game: What Job Title Should You Ask For?

Job Titles

Mike Latham, who I know through my work at Barclays Global Investors, is a good guy and a good manager: He gets things done, is transparent in his dealings, is funny, works hard, knows the business, and is respected and liked by the people with whom he works. His job title – CEO of United […]

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What Should You Know BEFORE the Headhunter Calls?

It’s tough to play well without knowing the rules. The employment game is no different: jobs may not always go to the best, but rather the best who know how to play the game. For those people who are in roles where positions are usually filled by companies using search firms, knowing how “executive search” works, particularly knowing what to do and what to avoid, can propel you throughout your career.

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