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Is Guten Tag Simply the Langage of Respect?


The Roche takeover of South San Francisco-based Genentech  two years ago provided a field day for all sorts of commentary. From the revisionist account of the Genentech takeover to Roche’s shifting stance on how they’d “preserve headcount and culture” at Genentech, the acquisition has provided rich fodder. The report that key execs from Genentech such […]

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Are the “Best Places to Work” Really the Best Places to Work?

USGS Satellite photo of the San Francisco Bay ...

The San Francisco Business Times announced its Best Places to Work in the Bay Area for 2011. This year’s ranking brought nominations from 301 companies representing employees in 12 counties around the greater Bay Area. The eighth annual Best Places to Work awards recognized the top employers in five categories based on company size. Are the “Best […]

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Other Shoe Drops: Roche To Lay Off Up to 840 at Genentech

Parent company Roche announced this week that it is eliminating up to 840 positions at Genentech, the South San Francisco company it fully owns (after previously being a majority owner). Genentech completed its acquisition of Genentech in March 2009. Executives associated with Roche had communicated at the time of the acquisition that Genentech would maintain […]

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and to Live with Starbucks

The title is a crib is from the 1960’s film Dr. Strangelove (“Dr. Strangelove or: How I Stopped Worry and Learned to Live with the Bomb” but the sentiment is the same. Sometimes you just have to “get over it” and move on – learn to let go and stop thinking about whatever preoccupies you. […]

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[Reading Tea Leaves] Candidate Job Fair Suggests Job Market Uptick

As someone who worked with a quantitative asset management firm – Barclays Global Investors –  I know the value of seeing data in terms of broad patterns. But as someone who has worked extensively with the research and development side of biotech, I’ve also learned to note signs and signals by the ones and twos. […]

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[Through the Glass Door] BGI: Discarding the Emperor’s New Clothes

Merger integration activities are in full swing in a least two (three if you count Oracle and Sun) places this month. Company watchers in financial services and biotech / pharma will be able to see first hand in the next year how skillful acquirers BlackRock (acquirer of San Francisco-headquartered Barclays Global Investors aka BGI) and […]

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[Singing Kumbaya] Roche’s Account of the Genentech Acquistion

We all do it – change stories to adopt a narrative we’d like to remember rather than what might have actually happened. Years ago a close friend had a scare with lung cancer, which turned out to be some form of fungal infection. His state – which was scared s___less, morphed to a revised version […]

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[The Language of Worldwide Business] Guten Tag?

The word from the Chiron employee reunion this week was that Genentech employees (now Roche employees) moving to corporate headquarters in Basel, Switzerland to work are being asked to learn German. In the Chiron diaspora following its acquisition by (also) Basel headquartered Novartis, Chiron alums work everywhere – including Genentech: word flows quickly on stuff like […]

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[Life Back West] October 2009 – “Moving Day”

Boxes weren’t packed but files had been saved and addresses were changed: it was moving day at BackWest.com earlier this month. Gone was the former hosting company Dotster, whose spotty reliability made visiting the Back West website a hit and miss proposition. “New” was web hosting company JustHost.com, (#2 on this ratings recap here ). […]

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