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[Life Back West] March 2012 – “Real Good for Free”

The Best Things in Life Are Free

The note from a friend was very kind. “I have been presented with a professional opportunity and so I am in search of a career & transition coach to talk through the process. I have always been impressed with and inspired by what you have to say in person and online and I am hoping you […]

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The Startup Called “You”

Entering Startup

The myth is that startups mostly exist in places like San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Austin, Portland and Boulder, Boston or New York City. That part is no myth; startups up do exist in those places. But there is another startup in the town where you live. In fact, it’s even got your name on […]

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Why You (Too) Need a Plan B

Reid Hoffman

It would be great if everything we tried in our careers worked out the way we planned. Sometimes it happens. And sometimes it doesn’t. In both cases, you – and me too – need a Plan B. I know; I’m at one of those inflexion points in my practice where either things change over the […]

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Should You Hire Your Own Boss and Other Mistakes

Steve Jobs and John Sculley

Like dipping into the summer water of Northern California (Wow! Pretty cold!) if you’re teaching someone to swim in the San Francisco Bay, I spend time for the executive and career coaching part of my work with recruiters, executive search consultants, and sometimes applying for jobs. How else to know how the job market works […]

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One Simple Key to Success? Show Up – Here’s How

Woody Allen in concert in New York City.

There are the hard things to do to be successful in careers and business, and then there are the easy ones that get you along the way as well. This post is about on the easy ones. But first an intro story. My week last week was probably like yours; lost of stuff to do, […]

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When is the Best Time to Build Your Professional Network?

A segment of a social network

My colleague John Rehm – fresh from a tour of duty in Asia with IDEO leading innovation projects – flagged a post at HBR.com by Campbell Soup Company CEO and President Doug Conant titled Five Steps to Building Your Network. If you’ve read Conant’s book with Nette Norgaard,  Touchpoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the […]

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What’s Your Handle?

A picture of a door handle.

People pursuing career transition or simply a new job search need crisp, succinct ways of communicating what they’re looking for, and the skills, experiences and background that serve as their foundation. I call it a “handle.” Something that gives somebody something to grab on to, or something that gives some stickiness – think of two […]

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Life & Death Lessons for Startups

Diagram of the typical financing cycle for a s...

There are lessons that some startups learn after they’ve crashed, and mistakes that successful startups either learn early or avoid making. If you want to be successful as a startup, learn these lessons early – or be very lucky and avoid them. Lunch yesterday with my friend and colleague Dr. Jo Whitehouse – a rockstar in the […]

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Hired Your Agent Yet? – [Your Career]

Cover of "Jerry Maguire"

Two data points but heck, that’s how suspicion about global warning started; unless you’re Oklahoma Senator Jim Imhofe, we all know what that data ended up demonstrating. What might these two data points be, and what do they mean for you? Last week Martin Burns (@RecruiterMoe) one of my Twitter friends was tweeting the joys and […]

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