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One (More) Headhunter “Secret”: “See Me”

An Ifugao warrior with some of his trophies; I...

There are “secrets” in the executive search trade that anyone who hopes to be headhunted (or hire a headhunter to fill an opening) should know. A set of 10 tips are here; another 7 more are here. Here’s an 18th tip: what you do in the search process can stick with you for a lifetime. While the […]

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Are You Interviewing the Candidate or Just Checking Their Pulse?


The interviewer with a candidate at the Starbucks in Hong Kong Central seemed nice, bright and engaging. She was, unfortunately, conducting a train wreck of an interview in front of me; when she asked early on, “You’re not a micromanager, are you?” I thought she was a goner. When the candidate smiled, said “Of course […]

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Mostly in the Wording: When Would You Like Me to Start?

I had coffee with a colleague I’ll call Andy; he’s got a problem. You might have the same problem too. Subject? How to (finally) get an offer from a firm that’s been courting him for  10 months. Position scope change, multiple lunches and interviews, headcount freezes and freeze liftings have all come and gone without […]

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Hiring Season: Can I Be Asked If I’m a Gamer?


Yes. No. Maybe? You can tell when the economy’s improved because there’s an uptick of interviews. More experienced managers revisit what they’ve done before that’s worked well when hiring and novice supervisors surface this season’s new crop of oddball, silly questions. “Can I be asked if I’m a gamer?” will likely be one of the […]

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I Just Had a Job Interview: Am I “Owed” Feedback?

The Interview

  No. I’d still ask though. In 30 years of interviewing thousands of candidates from CEOs to resident advisors to scientists and engineers, I can count on one hand the number of people who have followed up to ask for feedback. Half of those few were asking to ask, not asking to learn, and lacked any […]

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Should You Hire Your Own Boss and Other Mistakes

Steve Jobs and John Sculley

Like dipping into the summer water of Northern California (Wow! Pretty cold!) if you’re teaching someone to swim in the San Francisco Bay, I spend time for the executive and career coaching part of my work with recruiters, executive search consultants, and sometimes applying for jobs. How else to know how the job market works […]

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Cheap Shots: Easy Ways to Make a Bad Impression

Coneheads (film)

There are lots of ways to make a good first impression. Here are some ways – all which happened recently – to make make a bad first, second, and continuing impression. If you’re doing a phone interview, use a clear phone line, preferably one of those old fashioned landlines. Unless you’re someplace without lots of […]

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Dirty Secrets and Hiring Managers Tips: Beware the Interview Audition

Scottish singer Susan Boyle in November 2009

Many managers dread hiring people. It’s a dirty little secret, and one of the things that causes people to realize that they are not cut out for management. There are things you can do to help avoid that dread; they aren’t elaborate, and with a little practice you can make the hiring process easier (dare […]

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