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Sending Out an SOS: How to Ask for Job Search Help

Getting off the dime and asking for help in a job search is often the hardest thing that people encounter. It doesn’t have to be. Here’s how: Be clear about what’s going on. If it’s better spoken, make a call and talk directly. It’s almost always best to make a call and talk directly with […]

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The Trouble with Recruiters

English: The Mad Hatter, illustration by John ...

There is trouble in recruiter-land. Talk to any in-house recruiter and they know it. Talk to any job candidate and they suspect it. Heck, as someone who has run small, medium, and large size talent acquisition operations I even know it. You probably do too. So what’s going on? Back in the pre-online application days, […]

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How to Juggle – or Hope to Juggle – Multiple Job Offers

An illustration of the box juggling pattern.

Every job candidate’s dream is to have several job prospects that meet your job specs and simultaneously produce offers when you’re ready to make a decision. Sometimes it really does work out that way; most of the time it doesn’t. And what you’re left with, as the anonymous poster on Quora this morning noted, is […]

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