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[Life Back West] February 2012 – “Back to the Future”

Dolores Park, San Francisco, California

Our 20 week-old Terrier-mix pup Porter’s maiden trip to Dolores Park brought back memories of the countless mornings and evenings spent with our much beloved, now-deceased, mutt Roady playing chase, kong fetch, and rolling on his back (Roady, not me) playing “sharky.” It may turn out that you can go back, but will you find […]

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Did Chicken Little Have It All Wrong?

Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in Action cover art

As an advocate of the early warning, Chicken Little had it all wrong. Lacking facts (the sky was not falling) and the type of receptive audience that Paul Revere had, running around warning people was a poor tact to take. Rational thought, after all, has limits. Sometimes the best way to move something important forward is […]

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Culture Club: When Your (Nordstrom) Slip Shows


Every day you’re open for business – and even when you’re not –  is “showtime” for a firm’s culture. So what happens when something slips, and that great customer service culture on which you pride yourself is not-so-hot? As a kid from Portland, I grew up with Nordstrom, the Seattle headquartered department store. In fact […]

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Welcome to Paradise (Drive)

New welcome mat from my parents

The annual “welcome coffee” for parents the first morning of this fall term for my son’s grade school should be a no-brainer for others to emulate yet hunch is it isn’t. Turns out, as I asked around, that most places don’t do anything like it. Why not? Why does it seem so hard to do […]

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Laura Ching and the Culture Club: How Do You Build a Great Workplace?

Image representing Tiny Prints as depicted in ...

Laura Ching of Tiny Prints has a thoughtful interview in this past Sunday’s New York Times; Corner Office: On Mondays, Look Forward to Coming In with reporter Adam Bryant. Mostly the interview is about building a company and culture, and Laura’s got some advice that any company builder (and/or CEO) could use: Spend time upfront. […]

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