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Do Some Things Change: Lay-Offs at McKesson?

McKesson Plaza at 1 Post Street in San Francisco.

McKesson, where I worked for over a decade with a last role as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for the company’s largest business unit, had a practice of conducting reorganizations and lay-offs at the end of the fiscal year. While the irony of starting the new fiscal year on April 1 – April Fool’s […]

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Embrace Your Critics – or Fail


Bud Tunt, one smart exec with whom I worked at Fortune 15 McKesson, told me that the savviest thing you could do in business was to take away all the excuses. Bud was on so something. There are three camps; people who care and support you or your ideas, people who care and have criticism […]

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What Do You Do When a Board Seat Beckons?

It may simply be that time of year but I’m being “soft vetted” for board of director / board of trustee seats. And whether the board seat is for an organization that is for-profit or for non-profit, there are things some things that anyone – you, me, or anybody else – should do. Soft vetting […]

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Should I Use My CEO Title Behind My Name?. . and other Questions

Business titles are interesting things. The right title in the right situation can be extraordinarily helpful: the wrong title in the wrong setting makes uphill sledding suddenly look easy. What is frequently complicating is that what a title means can be interpreted broadly, and how it impacts you can do the same. I have worked […]

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[The Beat Goes On] Something Happening at McKesson?

As a former Senior Vice President of Human Resources with McKesson, this site gets pinged by people searching by my former company’s name. McKesson is based in San Francisco, with headquarters at One Post Street. Today for some reason 40% of the page hits today are for an post I did last April 2009 titled […]

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[A Study in Change] Willamette University

We are in one of those periods of great transformational change. Things that we’ve taken for granted, such as hard copy publishing (newspapers, magazines, books, records/CDs) – as well any number the “normal” ways things get done in different sectors and businesses – are morphing in front of our eyes. The enduring challenge for continuing […]

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[How to Improve Your Leadership Skills] “Everything On One Calendar Please”

Just as  former basketball superstar Michael Jordan, investor Warren Buffett, or businessperson Oprah Winfrey wouldn’t handicap themselves by taking their second-string game to work (e.g. imagine Buffett: “No, we just invest in companies whose names begin with M-Z), you want to take your best self to work and life. It means bringing the whole you […]

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[Forks in the Career Road] An Early Thanksgiving

I had lunch with Littler Mendelson’s Lindbergh Porter today, an early Thanksgiving of sorts. Seeing him reminded me that career choices and life opportuniities come to us in all sorts of ways and at times both convenient and awkward. Each choice you make has some consequence, both foreseen and unknown. Lindbergh and I had worked […]

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