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[New Rules] The Interview: People Aren’t That Curious

A nice Sea Gull

One of the challenges for someone being interviewed for a job, or considered for any other opportunities for that matter, is how to be accurate, honest, and not torpedo your chances. It’s can be a curious dance: one part forward, two parts weave

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[Land O’Spin] On the (Mini) Beach

I don’t know if it’s my low-grade fever, or the horizontal viewing angle from two days in bed, but it seems that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (or his handlers) continue to struggle to find the setting that works for him. Like John McCain behind a teleprompter, the settings in which Geithner has been placed: speaking behind teleprompters, testifying behind those long tables on the Hill, on-camera and off, and standing and speaking extemporaneously at press conferences have all bounced.

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[New Rules] The CEO on the Couch

One of the cardinal sins of leaders is to think out loud. More tears have been shed by subordinates springing half-formed thoughts into reality than you can imagine. But how and who, particularly in these tough times, does a CEO talk with to make partially baked thoughts into fully formed solutions?

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[Life Back West] March 2009 – The Value of Experience

A little experience goes a ways, and a lot of experience goes even further. It may not mean you know the answers to the future, but it provides a data set that is significantly greater than those who are newly initiated. I remember Todd Wanerman from the preschool our son Traylor attended (and on whose board […]

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[Land O’Spin] Addition by Subtraction

What I do know however is while it’s not unusual to have some churn at any firm, significant executive turnover in a business that had been formerly achieving strong results is in my experience a flag that the problems are likely above – managers senior to somebody like an exec like Terry Watson – that the this churn is likely to continue until that area gets sorted out.

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[Life Back West] December 2008 – “Three Square”

My dad, who passed away at age 96, referred to life in his later years as “Mike raising father.” From the land of what goes around comes around, my son Traylor seems to be inspiring the same type of learnings for this pop. After lunchroom / playground duty with fellow volunteer parents Erica and Billy […]

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