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Sorry? Say So Effectively!

Sorry button

Last Friday the 13th (somehow fitting) was “sorry” day at  Back West’s world headquarters; three occasions that someone said to me “I’m sorry.” How effectively those apologies were tells you the things that make a sorry work, and how saying you’re sorry can also make the situation even worse. Here’s the three: Stephanie Smith, the […]

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Are the “Best Places to Work” Really the Best Places to Work?

USGS Satellite photo of the San Francisco Bay ...

The San Francisco Business Times announced its Best Places to Work in the Bay Area for 2011. This year’s ranking brought nominations from 301 companies representing employees in 12 counties around the greater Bay Area. The eighth annual Best Places to Work awards recognized the top employers in five categories based on company size. Are the “Best […]

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Your Career: How to Say Goodbye

Nyc wave goodbye

There are few things that are more important than first impressions (that tagline: “You only have one chance to make a great first impression“), the time in-between, and leaving that lasting impression by how you say goodbye. People can forget at times a lot of bumpiness in that in-between period if the bookend hello and […]

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What Do You Do When Your Boss Throws You Under the Bus?

Bus of Shin-shinotsu village bus service

She had been a life preserver of wisdom when my career as a senior exec hit the intersection of homophobia and high corporate politics (“I think,” she had offered, “that someone in your situation should get good legal counsel quickly.”) and now over a decade later we had the chance to reconnect over hot chocolate […]

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Coaching Tips: How to Dress for Success

John Molloy’s 1980’s classic Dress for Success spawned a generation of workplace climbers who fashioned their work wardrobe around his advice. While 30 years later his advice lingers: some of it unfortunately  (e.g. yellow power tie, or manlike power suits for women ) and some of his advice that is spot on. The gist of […]

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Little Things Count Big in Your Career: How to Stay in Touch

Many times the most important things to do with managing your career are the easiest and the simplest: it just takes a little thought, a little planning, and a little discipline. More often than not it’s these small things that make big differences in who succeeds, and who struggles in the long run. Today I […]

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[Ways to Say Thanks] “Great Articles”

There are a number of benefits from working with individuals as an executive coach, and working with start-up and leadership teams as a team coach. Some of them are financial, and some of them are pride in accomplishment.  Some of the benefits are the unexpected thank you’s that make you smile from the inside. Here’s […]

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[Dept. of Bad Advice] How You Can Interview Well. . .

Cover of "Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas S...

. . . and Disregard Dan and Chip Heath’s How-to-Interview Recommendations I think Made to Stick by Dan and Chip Heath is a really good book. Most of the Heath brother’s content is great, both in their book, as well as in their monthly column for Fast Company. But even Babe Ruth stuck out, and […]

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[Through the Glass Door] BlackRock Announces Barclays Global Investors Job Cuts

Bloomberg reports that the BlackRock filing with the State of California indicated that 89 positions (out of more than 1,500+) were eliminated as a result of BlackRock’s integration of Barclays Global Investors. Barclays PLC had sold San Francisco-headquartered BGI to BlackRock earlier this year in a move to increase capital reserves to meet United Kingdom […]

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