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[Life Back West] January 2014 – How Do You Care for Unicorns?

White unicorn on red

You know them when you see them – which is seldom – and fully appreciate them after they’re gone and not when you have a chance to know them. They are the type of people who rare; people by dint of background, experience, situation, skills or simply by being who are highly unique in a […]

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[Life Back West] January 2013 – “Culture Bus”

Google Bus in NOPA

Sometimes you leave your full self – the kind of self that people who know you well and live with or around you see all the time – behind when you go off to work or school. Sometimes, though, you get to bring not only that full self, but folks from neighborhood that go along […]

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[Tone from the Top, cont.] Binders Full of Women

Binders full of .......(women)??

While the Twittersphere exploded with Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women”  it shouldn’t have been any surprise. Guess what? Romney has lot of company. Many, many organizations lack decent diversity at the leadership level of one sort or another, whether it be racial/ethnic diversity or male/female diversity. What’s “decent” diversity? Enough of something […]

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When Do You Recommend with Reservations?


The email from the prospective applicant family asked my thoughts regarding my son’s grade school. It could have just as easily been about a place to work or somebody referencing an employee. It brought to mind a simple question. When do you shift from “highly recommend” to a more nuanced “recommend with reservations?” Just as the […]

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[Life Back West] July 2012 – “Misfit Toys”

Avengers (comics)

If you live in a certain City by the bay, sooner or later little surprises you. Annoy you? Yes. Delight you? Often. Alarm, disappoint, thrill, and endear? Always. It’s those differences that make the place so special. Take away those difference and ultimately it leads to one destination; the land of boring, common, even mediocre. […]

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The Problem with Inclusion

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

There’s a problem or two with diversity and inclusion efforts. It’s just not the one(s) you probably think. Similar to the efforts to increase employee engagement – if you can just win the hearts and minds of employees they’ll be more productive, have less turnover, and engender greater customer satisfaction  – inclusion and diversity efforts in […]

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“Startup America Needs to Look More Like America”

America the Melting Pot

Sweet post from Tristan Walker this morning on the subject of startups. The link is here. University of Michigan professor Scott Page’s interview in the New York Times – “In Professor’s Model, Diversity = Productivity” can be found here. Page’s research has shown that diverse groups outperform non-diverse groups in mid-to long term performance; fire […]

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[New Rules] Field of Dreams – Honoring #42

In case you missed it, yesterday – April 15th – the US major league baseball teams honored Jackie Robinson , who in 1947 on that date became the first player of color to play in US major league baseball. All players yesterday wore the same number – Robinson’s #42 – as a way of honoring […]

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