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When Do You Recommend with Reservations?


The email from the prospective applicant family asked my thoughts regarding my son’s grade school. It could have just as easily been about a place to work or somebody referencing an employee. It brought to mind a simple question. When do you shift from “highly recommend” to a more nuanced “recommend with reservations?” Just as the […]

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RIP for Back to School? Business Seldom Stops

School Bell

The parent’s “Welcome Coffee” at my son’s grade school on the first day-of-school was nicely done, complete with homemade pastries and breakfast items, and greetings from the Head of School and other luminaries. A chance to catch up with friends and acquaintances, and a marker (e.g. think the literal ringing of a school bell) to start the […]

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Welcome to Paradise (Drive)

New welcome mat from my parents

The annual “welcome coffee” for parents the first morning of this fall term for my son’s grade school should be a no-brainer for others to emulate yet hunch is it isn’t. Turns out, as I asked around, that most places don’t do anything like it. Why not? Why does it seem so hard to do […]

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