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What Happens When the New Boss F**ks Up?

It happens. The new senior hire (formerly called a senior suit in the days when the males who mostly occupied those roles actually wore matching jackets and pants) is keen to make their mark at the new place so they make changes. Often big ones. Sometimes those changes work, and sometimes they bomb. New CEO […]

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Tips for CEO’s: How to Avoid the Clichéd Recruiting Tactic

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, dur...

Getting and keeping great talent is one of the biggest jobs any CEO may have. So why (the subject of this post) can the getting part be so tough? It’s hard for any number of reasons. Here are some of them: CEO time for successful CEOs is measured in microseconds; lots to do, not much […]

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What Do You Do When There’s Tension at the Top?

King Kong atop Empire State Bldg

There are three well-known West Coast asset management firms (financial services speak for mutual funds, venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, or fund of funds firms) – none of them clients – where the firm’s leadership team members barely tolerate each other. They talk when they must. Otherwise they minimize their working relationships as much […]

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[Tips for Leaders] How to Face Your Critics AND Give – and Get – Great Feedback

John Baldoni recently blogged on the best way to handle  your critics, using President Obama’s recent session with Republican Congress members as an example. Baldoni’s post at the Harvard Business Review – How to Face Your Critics –  suggests the following steps: Show up. Be cool. Acknowledge your shortcomings. Criticize gently. Smile frequently. Leave them […]

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[How to Improve Your Leadership Skills] “Everything On One Calendar Please”

Just as  former basketball superstar Michael Jordan, investor Warren Buffett, or businessperson Oprah Winfrey wouldn’t handicap themselves by taking their second-string game to work (e.g. imagine Buffett: “No, we just invest in companies whose names begin with M-Z), you want to take your best self to work and life. It means bringing the whole you […]

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[Singing Kumbaya] Roche’s Account of the Genentech Acquistion

We all do it – change stories to adopt a narrative we’d like to remember rather than what might have actually happened. Years ago a close friend had a scare with lung cancer, which turned out to be some form of fungal infection. His state – which was scared s___less, morphed to a revised version […]

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[Coaching Tips for Great Leaders] Leading from the Heart

I don’t  live in Marin County, California even though my son goes to grade school there. And I’ll confess that I am more likely than not to be Marin-a-phobic. So if this post reads a little too new age, dharma breath, hot tubs, and organic tofu  – in other words, all the stuff you might […]

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Engaged Alumni at Willamette U: Why Would You Want Them?

Would you? Short answer: it depends. This post is part of a continuing conversation about ways to improve alumni engagement at Willamette University, located in Salem, Oregon. Willamette is one of the oldest universities in the western United States (“The First University in the West”) and is an independent, nonsectarian institution of higher learning founded […]

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