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[Life Back West] July 2009 – The Road Trip

Top of Mt. Hood, Oregon

Life today seems to move ever so quickly. Though it’s likely an observation shared by people throughout the centuries, our Twitter / 24 by 7 news cycle lives seem to almost eliminate the time to pause, to think, and to talk deeply. It seems true for people, and it seems true for organizations. It doesn’t […]

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[Companies like Pfizer, BlackRock & You] It’s Your (Job) Life

Logo of Pfizer Incorporated.

Corporations make decisions for all sorts of reasons. You will not benefit from all of them. And because of that it’s important that you manage your career and your life rather than hope that someone else will manage it well for you. Some corporate decisions, like Pfizer’s plug-pulling of its development of a major biotech […]

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[Through the Glass Door] The Sale of BGI to BlackRock: Does I Do Mean I Will?

It appears that the done deal is in fact a done deal: New York City-based BlackRock Investment Management will purchase Barclays Global Investors, a unit of London-based Barclays PLC, for $13.5 billion. As part of the transacton, Blackrock will pay $6.6 billion dollars in cash and the rest in shares to Barclays. Barclays will hold […]

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[New Rules] The Vibe in My (Dolores Park) Neighborhood

In Pareto’s world , big things count a lot, but small things count as well. The trick as it were to is make sure you nail the big things very well, and make sure to do the smalls things well too. It sounds easy to do but my experience is that it’s hard to execute. […]

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[Barclays, BGI and iShares] The Fun Just Doesn’t Seem to Stop

More news continues to pop as parent corporation Barclays PLC works toward the expiration date of June 18th for its “go shop” period for a possible sale of San Francisco-based (pick one) Barclays Global Investors with its Exchange Traded Funds iShares unit, BGI and iShares sold separately, or iShares alone. As noted in an earlier […]

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[New Rules] Field of Dreams – Honoring #42

In case you missed it, yesterday – April 15th – the US major league baseball teams honored Jackie Robinson , who in 1947 on that date became the first player of color to play in US major league baseball. All players yesterday wore the same number – Robinson’s #42 – as a way of honoring […]

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“Making New Friends (The Interview)” – Part 4 of the series “Choose Me, Hire Me!”


It may sound corny but interviews are best reframed as making friends. While not every interviewer is friendly, if you make the effort to connect you may be favorably surprised. If you’ve done the things you should have done – shown up on time, thoroughly field tested yourself through informational interviews, and done your research on the prospective employer – you’ll perform in the interviews markedly better and can relax a little and learn about the people with whom you’re meeting.

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