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[Life Back West] September 2011 – Guess What Predicts Your Success?

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Character counts – at least that’s what most of us are told as kids. But does it really? What if – as the headline of this week’s New York Times Magazine blared – The Secret to Success is Failure, and not your GPA or even the schools you attended but rather your CPA – character […]

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[Life Back West] January 2011 – “Most Likely to Succeed?”

Anthracite coal, a high value rock from easter...

David Brailer does not have  a background that causes you automatically to pick him as most likely to succeed. And that’s why his success story is interesting for me as an executive coach, and why it holds at least two insights helpful for you. Brailer grew up in the coal mining town of Kingwood, West Virginia; […]

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[Coaching Tips] The Secret to Your Success

While the exact formula for what makes someone successful in work over a period of time is still cloudy, the outlines through research are taking shape. Those outlines can begin to inform who you hire, who you work with, and – if you’re prone to introspection – what your own personal profile looks like. These […]

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