Are the End of Year Holidays Good for Job Hunting?

Nothing Like the Holidays

It’s the end of the year, and common wisdom says that people have packed up shop and that it’s a lousy week for job hunting.


But as John Greathouse notes on his blog, “Conventional wisdom isn’t.”

The next two weeks will be a time when people’s schedules – if they’re not in company shutdown mode – will be unpacked, thoughts will be directed to things apart from work, and folks will be relaxed.

In other words, a great time to meet new people, have some real conversations with people, and network yourself to a new job.

Kimberly Thompson in the Houston Chronicle noted, “don’t buy into [the] holiday job search myths.”

So reach out and try to connect with people this week. And next week too.

Who knows – your new job just might be waiting.

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 Nothing Like the Holidays. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

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