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Tips for Execs: A Drive By is Not a Check-In

Traylor and me

I’m having lunch and a close-out conversation with an exec coaching client in Silicon Valley today. She has made obtained great results with small changes; her boss thinks she’s doing great and frankly so do I. And she’s got a lesson or two that you can use. One of the things she’s done is slowed […]

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Tips for CEOs, Boards and Company Builders: 7 Succession Mistakes to Avoid

Steve Jobs at the WWDC 07

The trickle down process is in high gear. Steve Jobs takes a second medical leave and everywhere business people are scurrying around to do or dust off CEO succession plans. The fact of the matter is most people avoid contingency planning (Tornado? What tornado?) like Republicans and Democrats avoid candid, authentic dialogue about taxing and spending realities. […]

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When Is It Time to Fire Your Co-Founder?

Steve Wozniak

Start-ups are a lot like some relationships; great when when you first meet and date, perhaps a little bumpy and not-so-hot as you spend more time, grow, and start wanting different things from the relationship. The fact of the matter is that the road is littered with co-founders or co-founding teams that needed to split […]

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