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[New Rules] The Accidental Executive: Will It Be YOU?

Some people plan all their lives to become a senior executive – and it never happens. Others, through talent, timing, hard work, and or luck, become one though it was not something they sought, or even to which they aspired. What will be in your future? I think of these latter types of folks as […]

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[Career Planning: Mergers & Acquisitions] What Do You Do When the Rumors Start?

Nothing’s guaranteed except change, and in business (as well as more than just a few non-profits) that means a churn of possible mergers, consolidations, and acquisitions. Across the country biotech companies, financial services firms like asset managers, hedge funds, venture capital and private equity firms, and any number of companies in other sectors are all […]

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[Barclays, BGI and iShares] The Fun Just Doesn’t Seem to Stop

More news continues to pop as parent corporation Barclays PLC works toward the expiration date of June 18th for its “go shop” period for a possible sale of San Francisco-based (pick one) Barclays Global Investors with its Exchange Traded Funds iShares unit, BGI and iShares sold separately, or iShares alone. As noted in an earlier […]

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What Should You Do WHEN the Headhunter Calls?

An Olivetti rotary dial telephone, c.1940s

The call on the line is from a headhunter: now what? Richard Nelson Bolles has noted that the best proven job hunting method is when a job hunter takes time to sit down and do some really good work on figuring out who they are and what they have to offer. And working your personal […]

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[Life Back West] May 2009 – The Ties that Bind

This Sunday approximately 3,500 people, many of them strangers, will hop on their bicycles or take up their ride support stations and start a 545 journey that will last seven days from San Francisco to Los Angeles for AIDS LifeCycle 8 . It’s the 16th such undertaking dating back to the mid-90’s to raise money […]

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