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The Hiring Game: One More Secret

James Bond 007 (role-playing game)

Turns out just when I thought I knew many of the tricks of the trade in the world of executive search consultants (also known as headhunters), one more tip crossed my radar. While meeting this week about a very interesting corporate global role with a San Francisco firm (more on the opportunity in an upcoming […]

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The Job Hunt: Offer in the Hand Better than the Offer in the Bush?

A Bird in the Hand

After a few months of patient networking as I’d coached him had not produced the new job my client sought, frantic had begun to set in. He could see that his current job was one or two more bad quarters away from a likely company shut down. While he might have some time, he didn’t […]

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Welcome to Paradise (Drive)

New welcome mat from my parents

The annual “welcome coffee” for parents the first morning of this fall term for my son’s grade school should be a no-brainer for others to emulate yet hunch is it isn’t. Turns out, as I asked around, that most places don’t do anything like it. Why not? Why does it seem so hard to do […]

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When Did SM – Social Media – Turn into Slimy Media?

Image representing TheLadders as depicted in C...

Caveat Emptor – something Stephen Colbert translates as tuff tittie – should be the motto for any buyer. Looks like it should be the same for any job hunter using social media to find their next gig. While many a job hunter has seen the Craiglist Scam Alert  (“affiliate scammers are posting bogus ads promising (nonexistent!) employment, […]

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You’re the Boss: “When It’s Nobody’s Business!”

Steve Jobs presenting the iPhone 4 in San Fran...

It’s not about having the $500,000 credit line at Tiffany’s, or having your $43 million divorce news splashed across the tabloids. And it’s certainly not about the CEO of the year being busted in a child prostitution sting. But what do you do – as I coached a startup CEO yesterday – when something personal […]

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The Talent Secret: The 4H Club

Emblem of the 4H organization.

Tech valuations are popping (frothy is the well-used word) in the San Francisco Bay area. And the requirement to have high performing talent to quickly scale and produce a winning product may drive it all. The scalp price for hiring or retaining top engineers was recently tabbed at $500,000 and the talent acquisition strategies of […]

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What Do You Do When the Boss Gets Whistled

Harry S. Truman (1884 – 1972), 1945 – 1953 the...

Curiosity, the saying goes, killed the cat – as have a couple of other things. It’s also gotten a boss or two fired as well. The question is just what do you do when it’s the boss who is doing something they shouldn’t be? Their quasi-misdeed gets highlighted; if they were playing sports the action […]

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Are You Putting Foxes in Your Chicken Coop?

Chicken in public market, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, M...

Recusal – one of my favorite 50¢ words – is the act of a judge (or anyone else) removing themselves from a process as a participant because of a conflict of interest. While there’s no bright line, there is still a line; step over it and you’re conflicted, stay on the “right” side and you’re […]

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Are the “Best Places to Work” Really the Best Places to Work?

USGS Satellite photo of the San Francisco Bay ...

The San Francisco Business Times announced its Best Places to Work in the Bay Area for 2011. This year’s ranking brought nominations from 301 companies representing employees in 12 counties around the greater Bay Area. The eighth annual Best Places to Work awards recognized the top employers in five categories based on company size. Are the “Best […]

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What’s Your Handle?

A picture of a door handle.

People pursuing career transition or simply a new job search need crisp, succinct ways of communicating what they’re looking for, and the skills, experiences and background that serve as their foundation. I call it a “handle.” Something that gives somebody something to grab on to, or something that gives some stickiness – think of two […]

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