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Life & Death Lessons for Startups

Diagram of the typical financing cycle for a s...

There are lessons that some startups learn after they’ve crashed, and mistakes that successful startups either learn early or avoid making. If you want to be successful as a startup, learn these lessons early – or be very lucky and avoid them. Lunch yesterday with my friend and colleague Dr. Jo Whitehouse – a rockstar in the […]

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Hired Your Agent Yet? – [Your Career]

Cover of "Jerry Maguire"

Two data points but heck, that’s how suspicion about global warning started; unless you’re Oklahoma Senator Jim Imhofe, we all know what that data ended up demonstrating. What might these two data points be, and what do they mean for you? Last week Martin Burns (@RecruiterMoe) one of my Twitter friends was tweeting the joys and […]

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Tales of the Network: Lunch with Pam Fox Rollin

Networking for careers is today’s version of breathing air. The only people who don’t need to be good and practiced at it are those people who are permanently retired or independently wealthy – though in both cases good networks still have significant value. The 3R’s of networking – reciprocity, responsibility, and respect – frame how […]

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Navigating Office Politics: When Real is Fake

“War is hell” said William T. Sherman – and most likely right before he burned down Atlanta (image right) on his famous “march to the sea” during the United States Civil War. Office politics are a close second, particularly in the types of workplaces that either tacitly permit them or promote them. In those atmospheres […]

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