[Through the Glassdoor] Layoffs (Still) at McKesson – cont.

Reader “S” follows-up with a note from my earlier post on why the Back West blog is getting hit with people doing searches using the keywords “McKesson layoff”:

“I’m not sure if your recent post on McKesson was a bait for info about layoffs, but I have a feeling why there may be an increase in searches recently. The layoffs that were announced just after the end of the fiscal year triggered the searches a few months ago. There are a substantial number that were given notice a few months ago but their actual rolloff date is Sept 1. I really think many of those folks have been sitting around thinking they could get a different role within McK. Now that their rolloff date is fast approaching they are waking up to the fact they need to start searching. An increase in the number of calls to recruiters, applications, etc. may have triggered others to start searching for news of a ‘new’ layoff.

that’s my theory.


Thanks S.  – sounds pretty plausible.